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Band equipment stolen: PLEASE REPOST. [Aug. 4th, 2008|08:05 pm]
Bad Religion has posted this bulletin; The Stooges had all of their equipment stolen. Please read, repost, and make sure you forward it to anyone that may be in the area in Montreal. It sucks to happen to any band, but to such an old school band with such a list of equipment....

Begin forwarded message:

if anyone has information, ANY INFORMATION!
please, please, PLEASE as soon as possible contact
Eric Fischer at:
cell phone: +1 646 932 1907



all equipment was in a rented penske 15 foot yellow truck
with u.s.

(michigan) license plate number AC46493
and the theft had to have happened in the morning,
between 6:30 and 7:30 am

there's a web page at:


that will soon have pictures and updates to more stuff found missing

Item Country of Origin Serial Number

Red roadcase containing: USA No serial number
Red Gibson 1963 EB-3 bass (this is mike watt's bass!) USA No serial number

Black roadcase containing: USA No serial number
Reverend Flying V guitar - Volcano black USA #08001

Black roadcase containing: USA No serial number
Reverend Orange guitar USA 03416 ZSL7

Black fibre case containg: USA No serial number
Gibson red SG short scale bass USA No serial number

Black roadcase containing: USA No serial number
Marshall Vintage/Modern Amplifier UK M-2007-07-0926-2 RoHS

Black roadcase containing: USA No serial number
Marshall Vintage/Modern Amplifier UK M-2007-07-0927-2 RoHS

4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #1 Slant: M-2007-05-0149-0

4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #2 Straight: M-2006-49-0380-0

4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #3 Slant: M-2007-05-0150-0

4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #4 Straight: M-2006-49-0381-0

Orange Calzone road case containing:
Guitar pedal board and pedals USA/Japan No serial number
Assorted leads USA/UK No serial number
2x mic stands Germany No serial number
Assorted strings and spares USA No serial number
2x Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss CH1 Super Chorus
Fulltone OCD Overdrive
Crybaby Wah
Peterson Strobo-Stomp Tuner Pedal
Whirlwind A/B Boxes
Whirlwind Cable Tester
and many many istrument cables
various tools ( screwdrivers, soldering iron, pliers, etc... )
tambourine and maracas

Cardboard box containing:
Assorted replacement drum heads USA No serial number

Gretsch Silver Sparkle Catalina drum kit USA No serial number
26" Kick Drum No serial number
13" Rack Tom No serial number
18" Floor Tom No serial number
4x Cymbal Stands No serial number
1x Snare Stand No serial number
1x Hi Hat Stand No serial number
1x Drum Throne No serial number

Eden D810 Bass cabinet USA D810RP4 0703E5001

Eden D810 Bass cabinet USA D810RP4 0703E5002

Cardboard box containg:
Eden VT300 Bass amplifier USA 0601E5115

Cardboard box containg:
Eden VT300 Bass amplifier USA 0507E5033

Floor Fan CHINA No serial number

Floor Fan CHINA No serial number

Green clamshell suitcase containing:
Yamaha snare drum JAPAN No serial number
Yahama kick pedal JAPAN No serial number
Zildjian Mega Bell cymbal USA No serial number
Zildjian 15" Hi-Hats USA No serial number
3x Zildjian 18" 19" 20" crash medium cymbals USA No serial number

Brown Epiphone guitar case:
Black Epiphone EB3 short scale bass KOREA F300503


if anyone has information, ANY INFORMATION!
please, please, PLEASE as soon as possible contact
Eric Fischer at:
cell phone: +1 646 932 1907
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|11:26 pm]
Take the MIT Weblog Survey
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2005|10:51 pm]
Bacardi 151
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All right. No more messing around. Your knowledge of alcohol is so high
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you could get wasted drinking beer, but who needs all those trips to
the bathroom? You head straight for the bar and pick up that which is
most efficient.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 74% on proof
You scored higher than 99% on beer index
You scored higher than 91% on wine index
You scored higher than 94% on liquor index
Link: The Alcohol Knowledge Test written by hoppersplit on Ok Cupid
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The wedding countdown begins. [Sep. 6th, 2004|11:38 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Jagged Edge (Featuring Run DMC) - Let's Get Married]

Twelve more days. I'm excited about being able to go home for a week, but damn, I wish Ben was coming with me. I mean, it will be great to be with my friends, and with my family, but I know it's just going to kill me to be that far away from him for so long. The longest we've gone apart was two nights since I moved here in April 2002. That's right, folks, I've been here for one year and five months now. Craziness.

I'm going to try to write something in this journal every day, even if it's just a stupid link or a random comment. I can't believe I've had this thing for so long, either. Time flies when you're having fun, huh?

The bachelorette party is Saturday. Then wrestling PPV on Sunday at George's, if I can still stand up straight. Then, one whole week of crazed wedding preparations. It's boiling down. Yay!!!!
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2004|07:56 am]
[mood |crushedcrushed]

KRAMER, Jeremy. Entered into eternal rest on the morning of July 27, 2004, Jeremy Alan Kramer. Residence, Charleston, SC. The relatives and friends are invited to attend his funeral services at the graveside in Brith Sholom Beth Israel Cemetery, Maryville , Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at ten o clock. Mr. Kramer was born December 9, 1975 in Charleston, SC, the son of Edward M. Kramer and Judy Whitfield Kramer. He was a graduate of Wando High School and attended Trident Technical College. He was a chef with the Mustard Seed Restaurant on James Island. Mr. Kramer was a member of Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue. He is survived by his parents of Charleston, SC; one daughter: Naomi Barra of Greenville, SC; and one brother: Bradley S. Kramer of Charleston, SC. Memorials may be made to Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue, 182 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston, SC, 29403. Arrangements by J. HENRY STUHR, INC., DOWNTOWN CHAPEL.
Rest in peace.
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Random and miscellaneous thoughts... [Jun. 26th, 2004|08:54 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Gone Phishin' - A Bluegrass Tribute to Phish]

I'm sitting here with a good cup of coffee, listening to an extremely relaxing and good cd, and it's making thoughts run a million miles a minute inside my head.

Some days I just sit back and laugh at my life. Five years ago, I was been pining away over some dipshit who didn't care too terribly much about me. I was working at a crap job that I hated more than words can say, even in screams of rage and agony. I had a large group of acquaintances, but few who could truly be called friends. I had days where I would cry myself to sleep over what a shitty, terrible life I had, and the feeling of total and utter hopelessness when it came to change.

Right now, I'm sitting here wondering where the hell that girl went. Because I don't have a clue. Somehow along this twisted and fragmented way, I learned to roll with the punches. I've learned to let things slide a lot more than I ever did. I don't let myself get crushed like I once did. And I certainly don't cry a tenth as much as I used to.

Five years ago, I would have never considered leaving the tiny, intimate world of Charleston. Oh, I would have bitched about wanting to start a new life in a new town, but it would have been all talk. (I did a lot of that back then!) I would have never imagined myself in a truly happy, reciprocated relationship. I never would have thought that even little things would make me smile like they do now.

These days I find myself more at peace about things. I wonder if it's the relationship and the comfortable familiarity that comes with it. In any case, I can say that I'm truly happy. Unless I end up doing all the roommates' dishes, but hell, even sometimes that's relaxing to me.

I guess what I'm trying to map out is that I'm happy. I'm comfortable, I sleep well at night, and I feel like every day is going to be better than the last. And that puts the biggest smile on my face. :)
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2004|11:53 pm]
Bored. Took a quiz. Found out I'm my favorite Our Lady Peace song.

4 AM

Find out your inner-Our Lady Peace song!
brought to you by Quizilla
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I should have known better. [Apr. 21st, 2004|08:53 pm]
Today, we had to take Ben the cat to the vet. We switched him to diet fat cat food about a month ago, forgoing the usual "make your kitty pee! like mad" food, which he had been on for a whole year.
Well, this morning, he started peeing in weird places. Like on Fiancee Ben's shirt. (I have to say Fiancee Ben, because he and the cat have the same name. My life is full o' drama.)
He peed on Ben's shirt and on the bathroom rug. And when I tried to clean up the rug with some TP, it had pink stuff in it.

I never should have switched from the pee! cat food. One day I'll learn to stick with things that work, and leave unbroken stuff unfixed.

I've been having lots of weird diatribes in my head lately. Nothing bad, but lots of stuff is just getting on my nerves. I'm going to start posting more in order to get it out of my head. Otherwise, my brain will POP.
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Neener neener neener. [Apr. 1st, 2004|09:34 am]
Tomorrow night, at 7 pm, I will be hanging out with KEVIN SMITH!

Ok, well, so will 1300 other people, but I get to have "An Evening With Kevin Smith" at the University of Maryland. I am SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!!

YAY!!!! Just cross your fingers that there's a meet-n-greet afterwards. I would so love to shake his hand. (Oh, and have a picture made with him.)

(I don't think I'll tell him that my LJ is named after one of his characters, but I will mention that I'm sending him an invite to the wedding, as he's partially responsible for Ben and I getting together. Hee hee!)
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Happy Burp Day! [Apr. 1st, 2004|08:54 am]
To MaxO!

Happy Burp Day to you!
Happy Burp Day to you!
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one, too!

Just kidding! Happy Birthday, you big goof!
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